Rat Control

Rat Control

Rats are unwelcome intruders in your home, carrying germs and diseases. Keep your home safe and clean by dealing with your rodent problem using our range of reliable, easy to use and dependable rat traps. As well as repellers to prevent rodents from entering your home in the first place, and rat kits that offer a holistic solution, we offer a wide variety of rat traps, including designs that quickly and humanely dispatch of vermin using high voltage electricity. This ensures a 100% kill rate and is completely free from blood, gore and unpleasant sights.

You could also choose from our snap traps with expanded triggers and powerful jaws to ensure rodents don’t evade your efforts, killing them instantly so as not to prolong their suffering. High quality design means you can cleanly dispose of rodents without hand contact, whatever design you choose. Or, you could consider using our live traps to catch rats alive before releasing them far away from your home. Best of all, many of our designs are reusable so you’re guaranteed excellent value for money, and it’s easy to dispose of perished rodents by emptying the trap in a way that’s a no-touch, no-see experience. Without need for poison, our traps are safe to use around pets and children and even in business settings. Use VictorPest rat traps in your home, garage, shed, attic or small business if you want to deal with rodent infestations with confidence.

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