Nightmare Urban Fox Threat?


Urban FoxOn the 6th February 2013 every parent’s worst nightmare was visited on a household in Downham, South East London. The peaceful scene of a babe in cot sleeping was shattered when an urban fox attacked four week old Denny Dolan. Baby Dolan was having an afternoon nap when mother, Hayley Cawley, heard screams from his room. On entering baby's room she found Denny Dolan on the floor suffering bite marks with his hand in the jaws of the fox. She managed tochase the fox from the room. Despite Denny Dolan’s injuries he continues to make a recovery in hospital.

Residents and London Council leaders are realising the importance of the urban fox menace, and the necessity to establish a pest control strategy.

Over the past few years, a growing number of foxes have been entering cities to find food as it has become scarce in their natural environment. This phenomenon is becoming a real threat to residents living near woods in the United Kingdom. Although incidents like these are rare, their number may increase in accordance with the amount of foxes entering the cities, making pest control an absolute necessity.

Prevention is the key! As with rodent control, residents need to be proactive: following these simple steps can help:

  • Seal all waste food products carefully before disposing of in your general waste.
  • Dispose of household rubbish regularly using either your local authority bin collection service, or where you have a large quantity use your local authority “Tip”.
  • Do not let rubbish accumulate around where you live, if your bin collections are delayed, assemble your rubbish and store carefully until the next collection. Alternatively dispose of at your local authority tip.


Written by Marion C. European Ecommerce Content Specialist at Victor Pest.

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