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Victor® manufactures a vast selection of Traps, Baits & Repellents to be sure that you have the right tool to eliminate rats and mice. Below are suggestions from the experts at Victor® to ensure your success.

Victor® Traps

There are 4 types of mouse traps commonly used for rodent control. Learn about the advantages of using traps and receive tips from the experts.

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Victor® Electronic Traps

Electronic traps are very easy to use and highly effective - simply add some bait and switch the trap on. Our electronic traps work by sending a high voltage shock for a quick and humane kill. 

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Victor® Repellents

Ultrasonic rodent repellents use high-frequency sound waves to keep rodents out. This section is loaded with useful information including how repellents work, expert tips, FAQs and much more.

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Victor® Live Traps

Live mouse traps is the most humane way to get rid of rodents as they do not have any kill mechanism. Use these traps to catch and release away from your property for effective rodent control.

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Victor® Hygienic Mouse Traps

Hygienic traps make disposal easy, safe, and clean. Our Victor® Kill & Seal™ mouse trap kills the mouse quickly and humanely and ensures no mouse will escape, no parasites will escape and no fluids will leak from the trap.

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